Healing is not about "fixing" anything,

it's about remembering the wholeness that has been inside us all along.

What is Huna?

Huna is a Hawaiian based energy healing modality that has been handed down from parent to child through centuries of teachings.


Every thought or experience you have had in your lifetime has been imprinted in your energy field (aura). If stuck in certain negative thought patterns, behaviors or experience certain emotions over and over again, these energy patterns thicken and move closer to your physical body. Huna helps support you in gently releasing these patterns of your past and replacing them with their counterparts such as love, trust, strength, empowerment and safety.


During a Huna session, I will go through a series of gently placed hands above the areas that correspond with a particular emotion. Huna helps support you in gently releasing some of these patterns of your past and replacing them with their counterparts such as love, innocence, trust, strength, empowerment and safety. As you gently release pain and negative patterns, you will be supportively guided to 'let go' of that which no longer serves you.


The shift in your healing process can happen in one healing session or over a series of sessions depending on the nature of the visit. Relief can be felt after each treatment as the body moves into a higher vibration of lightness and ease triggering the body’s intelligence to heal itself.


Huna can effectively aid in the healing process of such ailments as:


• Allergies

• Anxiety

• Back & Neck Pain

• Cancer

• Chronic Fatigue

• Chronic Pain

• Digestive

• General Aches & Pains

• Heart & Cardiovascular

• Headaches

• Hormonal

• Infections & Viruses

• Immune System

• Insomnia

• Stress


HUNA is helpfull for everyone: babies, toddlers, children, adults and elderly.


*In-Person and Distant/Remote Healings are available.

7 Principles of Huna

IKE - BE AWARE... The world is what you think it is.

KALA - BE FREE... There are no limits, everything is possible.

MAKIA - BE FOCUSED... Energy flows where attention goes.

MANAWA - BE PRESENT... Now is the moment of power.

ALOHA - BE HAPPY... To love is to be happy with.

MANA - BE CONFIDENT... All power comes from within.

PONO - BE EXPECTANT... Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

HUNA Certified by Karen Karall

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